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A bulletproof vest, sometimes called a bulletproof vest, is typically an item of armor which helps absorb the force against the body incurred during gun violence and other gun-related incidents. The basic design of bulletproof vests and bulletproof helmets (which may not include plates for mounted handguns) features a bulletproof liner which is itself made out of thick material like Kevlar, although the more advanced vests and helmets contain multiple layers of this protective material. This liner is then combined with a thick layer of cloth or other padding. This material is puncture resistant, but not slippage proof, because it will often be pierced by fired projectiles. This layered thickness, however, increases the overall effectiveness of such a system.

ballistic vests are another type of body armor, distinguished primarily by the material composition used in their construction. Ballistic vests are those that are designed specifically to protect the user from handgun projectiles. These vests differ from other vests in that they are often constructed so that they are less prone to damage by fast-moving bullets. As ballistic plates can deflect a bullet and decelerate its trajectory, ballistic vests ensure that the user remains protected from handguns fired at close range.

For law-abiding citizens, wearing bulletproof vests and other types of protective gear is all the protection they need in order to defend themselves against unlawful assault and self-defense action. For those who have a predisposition to being injured by firearms, especially when protecting family members, children, or other innocent people, investing in the protection that a bulletproof vest or plate carrier can provide is a wise decision. To ensure that you receive the full protective benefits of a vest or plate carrier, it is important to get your plate carrier or vest customization done by a trained professional. There are several companies that specialize in helping law enforcement and active duty military personnel and the average person obtain the highest level of protection available through customization of their bulletproof vests and other protective gear.