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Soft body armor can protect you against assault rifles, but is not as effective against higher-velocity rounds. Unlike hard armor, soft body armor is designed to stop only pistol and shotgun rounds and is therefore inadequate against a larger threat. This is why you should consider investing in hard armor if you are involved in a war or are at risk of being attacked by terrorists. This article will explain the importance of wearing hard armor while in a dangerous situation.

Hard armor is composed of plates made of steel, ceramic, or polyethylene. While similar to soft body armor, hard armor is thicker and heavier, so it makes for an unwieldy piece of gear. Certain vests incorporate ballistic plates to provide Level III or IV protection, but these types of vests are generally reserved for high-caliber weapons. Whether you choose to wear a hard or soft vest will ultimately depend on the situation.

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Modern hard armor uses advanced fibers and ceramic composites to protect your body. They are considerably lighter than earlier forms, and provide superior protection. Despite the fact that many of these products are still very heavy, modern hard armor is much more lightweight and suited for mobility. It can even outperform soft body armor. But in case of a real-life danger, it is always best to consult with an expert before purchasing hard armor. These solutions can be very costly.