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Level II soft armor panels from AR500 Armor can protect your body against most handgun threats and are available in various styles. They can be worn as backpacks, messenger bags, vests, and more. Rimelig Ballistic Plates are made in the USA with imported p-Aramid Fibers and can be used in a number of different ways. In addition, they offer a good deal of protection and can be easily concealed in a variety of clothing items.

In addition, the thin design of soft armor means that you can move freely and accomplish tasks without having to worry about being discovered. These armors offer about a half-inch of extra coverage around the chest area, and they still retain their flexibility. This makes them perfect for situations where no one will know that you’re wearing them. And, if you’re looking for the lightest option, you can choose a hybrid, which weighs only 1.04 pounds.

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Hard-plate reinforced vests are mainly worn by combat soldiers and police tactical units. Soft vests can be used as a standalone protective gear, or they can be combined with hard-plate reinforced body armor to protect a hostage rescue team. However, the most popular style of soft body armor is worn as an addition to other protective gear. In the case of police, they can be combined with metal components to protect their wearers from rifle rounds.