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The Tacops Plate Carrier is one of the more popular hand-held plate carriers in the United States Army. It was first introduced in 1986 and remains a favorite among users, both military and civilian. This carrier is made out of heavy duty polyethylene or ethylene vinyl chloride (EVA) plastic, a high tech material that promises superior strength, impact resistance, and extreme durability for a variety of uses. This material is also an attractive, bright orange, making this plate carrier both unique and stylish.

Unlike other plate carriers on the market, the Tacops Carrier has an extra feature not seen on most carrier designs; it offers an adjustable cantilever, or shoulder strap, which allows you to adjust the carrier’s overall length. This feature is important because if you are shorter than your intended height, you can extend the carrier to give you a better, taller appearance. If you are much taller, you can adjust the cantilever so that it will provide an optimal fit when you put on and take off your helmet or load your bag. Also check:

This amazing product can be found at just about any department store that sells military supplies, or by shopping online. The best place to shop for this carrier is online, where you can find some of the largest selections and largest price reductions. Be sure to check out the size charts so that you get the right carrier for your particular situation. There are three sizes of Tacops Plate Holders, Small, Medium, and Large. Choose the size that best fits your body type and you’ll be able to use your Tacops plate carrier with confidence, every time.