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Body armor can generally be categorized into three categories: regular, tactical and ballistic body armor. Regular body armor is designed to resist firearms fire ( handguns and rifles). Tactical body armor is designed to withstand a greater amount of force than regular body armor. Bulletproof vests are a popular choice for tactical use, and are available in both softball sizes and large sizes, with different color choices.

The third category, the ballistic vest, is designed to withstand a larger number of impacts than the other two. A ballistic vest protects the wearer by extending the protective covering around his/her torso and adding sturdiness to the frame of the vest. While body armor originally was used to protect military members, today it is also commonly used by law enforcement personnel.

Aside from protection from firearms, other items considered vital are bulletproof vests, TASER belts, steel-toed boots, groin guards and knee pads. It is important that the equipment you wear and how it is worn fit your individual needs. It is always best to consult with a qualified armor specialist before purchasing and using any of the equipment listed above. You may want to ask about protection levels in order to determine the optimum choice for you. Also, keep in mind that you must also wear a firearm restraint device, such as a bulletproof vest, if you plan to carry a handgun while on duty.