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Soft armor is made from materials that are flexible but strong enough to protect your body against bullets. It is less bulky than hard armor and can be worn under your uniform or other tactical gear. Most soft armor is made from fabric-like materials and is available in various styles. They are often found in vests, but they can also be incorporated into your other uniforms.

Polymer composites are gaining popularity in the ballistics field and have a very high performance to weight ratio. While they are more costly, they can provide excellent protection from a bullet. This makes them the preferred material for most types of soft armor. Unlike the former, polymer composites can stop a high-velocity bullet without increasing your body mass.

Level II armor provides good protection against 9x19MM FMJ ammunition that travels at about 1175 feet per second. These armors are comfortable to wear and are typically designed to stop multiple hits. Choosing the right armor for your specific situation is important. Soft body armor is legal in all 50 states, with the exception of Connecticut.

BulletSafe soft armor vests are lightweight, flexible and breathable, making them ideal for daily use (more information). The vests are also designed to fit comfortably beneath clothes. The vests have wrap-around pockets and a 600 Denier Polyester carrier. Soft armor vests can be upgraded to Level IV protection if needed.