World Cup or Bust: How the 2014 World Cup is Screwing Brazil

(by: Daniel Gutiérrez)

As the
countdown to the 2014 Brazilian World Cup draws nearer to a close, the brazilian military plans to invade favelas, the city of Porto Alegre threatens to cancel all events related to the World Cup, a record draught threatens to further harm the Brazilian economy, Brazil’s credit rating continues to plummet, and paramilitary forces continue to grow and threaten Brazilian society.  Continue reading


Need to know more on Syria (like us)? Here’s a great archive regarding the Syrian Revolution from our dear friend Yasmeen Mobayed.



(Photo: Ziad Homsi | Douma, Syria 2012)

General Sources of the Syrian Revolution:

+ Local Coordination Committees of Syria: (includes statements, reports, and relief work)

+ Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

+ Violations Documentation Center in Syria:

+ A blog constantly updated with the latest videos, reports, and photos from Syria:

+ A blog by an underground Syrian activist (includes insight, reports, statements, photos, and more):

+  A blog by an Arab Anarchist writer: (pieces include information regarding sectarianism, the idea of a proxy war in Syria, interventions, FSA brigade interviews, and more)

+ English blogger and investigator of the Syrian conflict: (Regime use of chemical weapons proof:

+ A blog by a well-known Palestinian anarchist and activist: (pieces regarding Palestine, Syria, human rights, Islamists, and more)

+ Details and information about the Yarmouk Refugee Camp…

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The Global Impact of the Yasuni ITT Initiative

(by: María Celleri)

As is true of most uprisings, the protests against drilling for oil in the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador were fervently ongoing in August of last year, but have severely diminished. Still, although mass media coverage has forgotten about the Yasuni, protests do indeed continue in Ecuador in an effort to stop president Rafael Correa from allowing Chevron to drill in two oil reserve lots inside the park. Continue reading