Students Protest NAFTA Celebration at UCSD

Dozens of students and activists gathered at UCSD early Thursday morning to protest against a gathering of politicians, academics, administrators, and industrialists celebrating NAFTA.

The University of California’s own President, Janet Napolitano was there to kick-off the celebration.

Here’s a list of the attendees.

The students released the following:

What is there to celebrate? NAFTA’s 20 Years of Undeclared War Against the Poor

A call to Action for:

The forced migrants, the public, the people, the students, the workers, the mothers, the youth, the elders, the children, all those who make a political decision to live awakened by the reality of economic terrorism and genocidal exploitation. All those who sustain an everyday resistance to the handful global colonial thieves who imposed on the grand majority a farce of progress, a farce which we unveil and rebel against in the spirit and the dignity of the Zapatista uprising in January 1, 1994 against neoliberalism on the dawn of the NAFTA nightmare.


On March 6th, the International Relations and Pacific Studies department at UCSD is putting on a conference entitled “Mexico Moving Forward” – a collaborative event of economists, industrial capitalists, and artists celebrating the “benefits” of the North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA has decimated the lives of millions in Mexico, but has also led to the uprising of the Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional (EZLN). We wish to commemorate the Zapatista struggle by protesting the false illusion presented that Mexico has in fact moved forward and to shame the UC system for continuously perpetuating the normalcy of neoliberal policies. 

We will be wearing all black in commemoration of the dead that have been lost to the militarization of the border after the NAFTA agreements passed, as well as for the fall the fallen martyrs that have dedicated their lives to combat these policies. In solidarity with the Zapatista comrades, we will be wearing ski masks and or black/red bandanas in solidarity of their struggles and the ones we must take up against capitalist exploitation of all peoples.


It is through the erasure of memory that they subjugate the present and colonize the future. We are reclaiming everything, the past, the present and Our Future. We are those stubborn people who see memory inscribed in the daily nonsense controlled by the neoliberal apparatus, or what should be called, in order to remember the historical legacies of resistance, global neocolonialism.

For more information regarding NAFTA, click here.

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