Need to know more on Syria (like us)? Here’s a great archive regarding the Syrian Revolution from our dear friend Yasmeen Mobayed.



(Photo: Ziad Homsi | Douma, Syria 2012)

General Sources of the Syrian Revolution:

+ Local Coordination Committees of Syria: (includes statements, reports, and relief work)

+ Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

+ Violations Documentation Center in Syria:

+ A blog constantly updated with the latest videos, reports, and photos from Syria:

+ A blog by an underground Syrian activist (includes insight, reports, statements, photos, and more):

+  A blog by an Arab Anarchist writer: (pieces include information regarding sectarianism, the idea of a proxy war in Syria, interventions, FSA brigade interviews, and more)

+ English blogger and investigator of the Syrian conflict: (Regime use of chemical weapons proof:

+ A blog by a well-known Palestinian anarchist and activist: (pieces regarding Palestine, Syria, human rights, Islamists, and more)

+ Details and information about the Yarmouk Refugee Camp…

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