The People Have Spoken – Save the Yasuni!

(By: María Célleri)

In 2010, current Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa proposed the Yasuni Ishpingo-Tambococha-Tiputini Initiative (ITT); Ecuador would refrain from drilling for oil in the Yasuni National Park if the international community would cover 50% of the economic costs (3.6 billion dollars) in the course of 13 years. Just last year, Correa announced that the Initiative would be terminated because, arguing that the international community had failed to protect the Yasuni. Continue reading

Local Struggles Have Global Contexts – How Many People Died For Your Shirt? Towards a Global Unionism

(By: Antje Dieterich)

One year ago, on April 24th, 2013, more than 1,000 people died during the collapse of the factory “Rana Plaza” in Bangladesh. The clothes that were made in the factory were delivered to Germany, to the US, to Mexico, to France —in short words, to every country in the world were you can get your shirts from Benetton, Mango, C&A, Adler and the discounter KiK. Continue reading

Historic Win for Labor and A New Direction in the University of California System

Historic Win for Labor and A New Direction in the University of California System

An article by Daniel Gutiérrez that points to a new direction a labor union is taking in the United States, departing radically from what unionism has come to be known for.

And here is a deeper probing of US American labor and how UAW Local 2865 is challenging that.

From the Absence of Justice to the Absence of Freedom – and Back?

(We Want to Be Too Rich to Go to Jail)

(by conjuncture magazine)

Judge said du Pont heir ‘will not fare well’ in prison – the case of Robert H. Richards IV du Pont irritated the media and the general public during the last days. Why is he not in jail? What is wrong in Delaware? How would such a case be treated under “normal conditions?”

Thinking about the society I am living in, I would say, the judge reacted perfectly normal. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. The case represents exactly how our legal-system and I would even say our society works. Continue reading

This magazine is not just for reading!

Together with FECH – the Student Federation of Universidad de Chile, we have created an International Committee in Solidarity with Chile, to collect funds and send solidarity from abroad to the working class families in Chile, struggling to stay safe and rebuild their lives in Valparaiso and Iquique, after the fire that is still burning in the former and the earthquakes that shook the latter two weeks ago.

Please share this with all your contacts in Chile and abroad that may want to contribute with money to this campaign.

Valparaiso and Iquique need you!