Follow-up on #Ohlauer: Refugess back to the border – Kreuzberg under Law and Order

(By: Roger Buer, text and photos)


Those who are squatting a school at the Ohlauer Straße in Kreuzberg, Berlin are still willing to stay on the rooftop of the building – and are still prepared to kill themselves in case of a police raid. Continue reading

State Exerts Power Over Refugee Squat

(By: conjuncture magazine; special thanks to neukoellnbild, photographer)

24.06.2014 berlin-kreuzberg: teilräumung der gerhart-hauptmann-schule #28

Tuesday morning the police moved to evict a former school that is being squatted by refugees. The Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule on Ohlauer Straße, in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, Berlin, has been squatted for the last year and a half. It became a central spot for the refugee strike, a movement fighting for equal rights for refugees in Europe during the last two years. Continue reading

Thank you, Maggie — I mean — Dilma! The Workers’ Party of Brazil Has Gone Full Thatcher!

Credit: Agencia Brasil

Credit: Agencia Brasil

(by: Daniel Gutiérrez)

The past week in Brazil has fully revealed the face of the country’s Worker’s Party (PT). If there’s any wonder as to which side of the fence the PT is on, it surely isn’t on the side of the workers. Continue reading

“No King, No Master, Long Live Anarchism!” The Spanish anti-monarchy protests

(By: Nicholas García)

Political scandal, embezzlement, extravagant safari trips, and the legacy of the Franco dictatorship. The current Spanish royal family, restored by Francisco Franco in the hopes of continuing his dictatorship, has seen its lowest public approval rating since Juan Carlos was installed in the 1970s. His abdication on June 2nd amidst this scandal and his old age was the cue for organizers all around Spain and Europe to call for an end of the monarchy, a more democratic society, and a rekindling of a Third Spanish Republic. Continue reading