Follow-up on #Ohlauer: Refugess back to the border – Kreuzberg under Law and Order

(By: Roger Buer, text and photos)


Those who are squatting a school at the Ohlauer Straße in Kreuzberg, Berlin are still willing to stay on the rooftop of the building – and are still prepared to kill themselves in case of a police raid.

Fortunately the police has been not instructed to attack the school after the ultimatum of the district exchange has ended. A press conference in front of the main entrance of the former school was held soon after. However, reporters were still not allowed to enter the building. Certainly the newspaper TAZ made this happen. They went to court because of the ban of press earlier that day.

The activists declared that they are no longer willing to negotiate with low-level functionaries oft he state. They demand to talk to senator Henkel, responsible for questions of migration in the city of Berlin, who refuses to negotiate with the people. Due to the state’s broken promises within the last weeks, they are not willing to drop their only bargaining chip (the threat of suicide) and leave their shelter to debate in a church.


The public image of both senator Henkel and of Green Part itself as come into serious question. The mayor of the district, Monika Herrmann, refuses to come to the school, citing security concerns.


Unstable security situation – This riot officer tells the sitting protester that she “will scream soon enough“ while pushing her with his knee

The main question is whether or not state representatives will continue to handle the situation in Kreuzberg through ignorance or if we, as a broader public, are able to build the pressure that will force the state to act accordingly.

Today a solidarity march is set:


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