Just Some Things to Learn Thanks to Ferguson and the Murder of Mr. Brown

(by: Daniel Gutiérrez)

1) Don’t shoot someone with their hands up.

2) And don’t say it was more than a couple of shots — as if once is more than enough.

It was more than just couple, but I don’t think it was — ugh — ugh — many more than that.

3) Especially if the autopsy shows it was six times, twice in the face.

From the New York Times.

“Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was killed by a police officer, sparking protests around the nation, was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, a preliminary private autopsy performed on Sunday found.

One of the bullets entered the top of Mr. Brown’s skull, suggesting his head was bent forward when it struck him and caused a fatal injury, according to Dr. Michael M. Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New York, who flew to Missouri on Sunday at the family’s request to conduct the separate autopsy. It was likely the last of bullets to hit him, he said.

Mr. Brown, 18, was also shot four times in the right arm, he said, adding that all the bullets were fired into his front.”

4) If you’re the police, don’t show a video of the “suspect” “robbing” a store.

Especially when the business owner didn’t even call the police. And that’s basic. The police — of all people — should know there’s something called “loose ends.”

5) Don’t recommend water cannons on national television. Especially if you’re the “liberal” news channel called CN-f*****g-N.


“During CNN’s live coverage of the unrest in Ferguson following the killing of an unarmed African-American teenager, Michael Brown, by a white police officer, Darren Wilson, anchor Rosemary Church came up with a solution: ”Why not perhaps use water cannons” on the community protesters?”

6) Don’t threaten to “bust” a reporters head. Because they’ll publish that s••t.

From the Daily Kos’s article, “Police to Al Jazeera: I’ll Bust Your Head Right Here”:

At this point, the officer approached me and grabbed my wrist.

Officer 1 (holding my arm): Don’t resist. I’ll bust your ass. I’ll bust your head right here.

Me: (to JP) Are you filming this?

Officer 1: Film it! I don’t give a sh*t. Because you’ll go, and I’ll sure confiscate your film for evidence. […]

[T]he more I thought about it, the more the encounter seemed emblematic, albeit on a vastly smaller and, by comparison, almost insignificant scale, of the dynamics we’re reporting on in Ferguson.

7) America is racist and Ferguson is about race.

Srsly. Let the numbers speak for themselves for a second. The New York Times reports, based on a Pew Research Center poll:

  1. The shooting of an unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer “raises important issues about race” (80 percent of blacks and 37 percent of whites)
  2. The police response to the shooting has gone too far (65 percent black, 33 percent white)
  3. They have no or not much confidence in the investigation into the shooting (76 percent black, 33 percent white)

Also, I’m not one to trust white masses on defining what’s racist and what isn’t. If we had polls from the late 1700’s, I’m pretty sure most white folk would say that slavery isn’t racist — it’s natural. And that argument is all over the place regarding profiling and economic structures. “It’s not racist, thats just how it is.”

8) And class.

Yuuup. Class exists. It’s real. And it intersects with race. Even Kareem Abdul Jabbar says so.

That’s right.

Kareem Abdul Jabar. This dude:

From Time Magazine:

“This fist-shaking of everyone’s racial agenda distracts America from the larger issue that the targets of police overreaction are based less on skin color and more on an even worse Ebola-level affliction: being poor. Of course, to many in America, being a person of color is synonymous with being poor, and being poor is synonymous with being a criminal. Ironically, this misperception is true even among the poor.

And that’s how the status quo wants it.”

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