Conjuncture magazine is a digital magazine that gathers reports and analysis from around the world. Acknowledging a growing intensity of global networks, Conjuncture aims to analyze local struggles in a global context. Given the growing interconnectivity of the world, its ever smaller size, Conjuncture demonstrates that fault lines run deeper and further than national borders.

In light of the Global Economic Crisis and the revelations of mass surveillance on an unprecedented scale, Conjuncture is necessarily critical, openly Left, and fiercely anti-authoritarian. Following the Snowden Affair, a debate has emerged if journalists must continue to report the news without stance. Conjuncture concludes that such is not only impossible, but that such a luxurious position cannot pretend to exist given the state of affairs. A new direction must be pointed to. This is not to say that facts will be withheld. Rather, Conjuncture will cast new light on subjects that have slipped from national debates and explore angles ignored in the media in order to illuminate a fuller, deeper context.

If you would like to contribute to Conjuncture Magazine, please, shoot us an idea at


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