Bombs in Santiago and the Urgent Need of Deep Reflection

(by: Felipe Ramirez; Translated by: Daniel Gutiérrez)

Note: On September 8th, a bomb blew up in a metro station of Santiago, Chile. Although the city has witnessed more than 200 explosions over the last five years, this was the first time in which the targets were civilians—until now all the bombs attacks had been directed towards “symbolic targets” as banks, churches, and police stations. However, both the hour of the explosion (2:30pm) and the place were the bomb was left (one of the most transited metro station in Santiago) made this terrorist attack the most serious one. The blast injured 14 people, one of who—a female janitor who had direct contact with the bomb, which was put in a trashcan—lost several fingers of his hand. Even though three people were accused three weeks ago, the investigations are still in progress.

In this article the libertarian journalist Felipe Ramirez examines the incident, developing a lucid analysis of different hypothesis that might explain the terrorist attack. Then he concludes with some reflections on the role that the Left should play before incidents like this.

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Against Slander and Insult – We Need Strategic Concepts to Strengthen an Open and Respectful Discussion and Conflict Culture.

(By: Heinz-Jürgen Voß, first published at: dasendedessex, translation: Antje Dieterich)

[A short background information at the bottom by: Antje Dieterich]

Some days ago, I released an appeal for solidarity for a collegue of mine, who was insulted in such a drastic manner I could not have imagined just some years ago. Now, I am getting the answer. The right-wing author Akif Pirinçci is now attacking me too, with slander and crude insults. Continue reading

Chile: Neoliberal Paradise for a Few, Capitalist Hell for the Majority

(By La batalla de los trabajadores; translated by Pablo Pérez)

Chile is one of the OECD countries where the actual wage of the workers (i.e. the difference between the received wage and the level of the prices) is the lowest. Although both the prices and per capita income statistics (which are around $1,300 per month) are close to those of a first world country, they hide a terrible reality for the working class. Continue reading

Reform in Chile: Between Popular Power and the Political Elite

(By: Nicholas García)

Earlier this month Michelle Bachelet, newly re-elected President of Chile, launched a campaign towards long awaited political reforms; implementing a new progressive tax policy, setting a plan for “free and universal higher education”, and finally the dismantling the “binominal” electoral system, left over from the Pinochet dictatorship, which under represents and disenfranchises minority political parties. Continue reading

Historic Win for Labor and A New Direction in the University of California System

Historic Win for Labor and A New Direction in the University of California System

An article by Daniel Gutiérrez that points to a new direction a labor union is taking in the United States, departing radically from what unionism has come to be known for.

And here is a deeper probing of US American labor and how UAW Local 2865 is challenging that.