Thank you, Maggie — I mean — Dilma! The Workers’ Party of Brazil Has Gone Full Thatcher!

Credit: Agencia Brasil

Credit: Agencia Brasil

(by: Daniel Gutiérrez)

The past week in Brazil has fully revealed the face of the country’s Worker’s Party (PT). If there’s any wonder as to which side of the fence the PT is on, it surely isn’t on the side of the workers. Continue reading

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly — EU Elections Reveal Growing Polarization in Europe

(By: conjuncture magazine)

In France the radical right-wing party “Front National” (FN) under Marine Le Pen won in the European elections in “la Grande Nation” with a program under the title “French people first” and the demand to reinsert the death penalty. In Germany a new right-wing party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) was capable of uniting the conservative right upper-middle class with some radical right-wing people who can be described as “Internet trolls”. They made their jump into the European parliament with a mix of demands such as homophobic family-politics, leaving the Euro, and closing the borders for the majority of migrants. In Great Britain the UK Independence Party won the elections with positions against Europa, green energy, migrants, and political correctness. And in Denmark the Danish Peoples Party (Dansk Folkeparti – DF) doubled its seats in the European parliament with demand to close the borders and homophobic positions on family policies. Continue reading

Creating Control: Mexico and the US Move Towards Information Monopolies

(By: Daniel Gutiérrez)

In the past weeks, great strides have been made in both the United States and Mexico towards controlling access to the Internet. The fact that they occur while Trans-Pacific Partnership meetings has stalled shows that international agreements are hardly necessary to enact authoritarian measures. However, a new horizon, particularly those imagined by Internet advocacy groups, may point towards more lasting protections and expansions of human rights. Continue reading

From the Absence of Justice to the Absence of Freedom – and Back?

(We Want to Be Too Rich to Go to Jail)

(by conjuncture magazine)

Judge said du Pont heir ‘will not fare well’ in prison – the case of Robert H. Richards IV du Pont irritated the media and the general public during the last days. Why is he not in jail? What is wrong in Delaware? How would such a case be treated under “normal conditions?”

Thinking about the society I am living in, I would say, the judge reacted perfectly normal. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. The case represents exactly how our legal-system and I would even say our society works. Continue reading

Floods of Cockroaches and Aliens

(By: conjuncture magazine)

I always had this feeling but now there is proof (thank you, mass media) that we are living in dangerous times. Two weeks ago, I wrote about the flood that endangers Fortress Europe but that is only the beginning. Carefully tending my fears and paranoia, I frequently spend my time on conservative news blogs and examine articles that come to my attention due to “creative” warnings.

Continue reading

Interrogating the Uprising in Michoacán

(By: Daniel Gutiérrez)

Since January, global media outlets have continued to be rocked by images of the autodefensa (spanish for self-defense) uprising in Michoacán. On the Left, people applaud what appeared to be a new autonomous movement that challenged the power of the Mexican state. However, critical questions must be asked regarding the uprising. Primarily, who is running the show? Continue reading

Isolation in Fortress Europe

(By: conjuncture magazine)

After reflections on the United States’s border militarization, this article looks at the situation in Europe — a political entity that frequently presents itself as a defender of human rights, as a place were ethical values are leading its politics. Continue reading

The Danger of Beginnings: How Security Endangers Democracy

(By: conjuncture magazine)

January in Europe – Sochi is now a high-security area, entrance allowed only with special passes, to protect the Olympic games. Huge parts of Hamburg are a so-called “Gefahrengebiet” to protect the city. The NSA stores and analyzes about 200 million SMS per day, to protect the US. In Michoacan, the people take arms to protect society… Continue reading