Interview about Rojava – Topics for Debate: Questions about the Strategic Scope

[Editors Note: A dear friend and supporter of ours from Brazil, Dr. Bruno Lima Rocha, established contact with a series of organizations involved in the social revolution taking place in Kurdistan. Mainstream media sources have largely failed to cover the social process, though news have been able to break the radio silence. This is the second internview we publish in this series
It should also be said that minor grammatical errors were corrected (as neither participant in the interview is native to english). But most is left in the original form, for fear of losing accuarcy.]

Interview about Rojava – Topics for debate: Questions about the Strategic Scope

Introduction: Since the Kobanê siege started I have dedicated several hours per week to understand and divulgate as much as possible about this social revolution, initiated in a combination of Democratic Confederalism and the Syrian civil war. As a militant, I always have been involved in international solidarity. As an Arab descendant, I always have been trying to find a reliable left-wing force combining direct action and internal democracy. Continue reading

The War on Migrants

Our co-editor Daniel Gutiérrez was recently published at Jacobin Magazine regarding migrant deportations to the city of Tijuana, Baja California Norte, México. His work article provides a brief historical analysis of Mexican migration, explains how neoliberalism has produced social abandonment in Tijuana, and how migrants bodies promote a security industrial complex on both sides of the border. Check it out!

Bread and Games: Day One into Life After the World Cup

(credit: Agencia Brasil)

(credit: Agencia Brasil)

(by: Daniel Gutiérrez)

It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Yesterday Brazil was dealt a crushing blow not only to its football selection, but to its entire national identity. The Brazilian selection was defeated in a humiliating bout against the historical giant of Germany. Photos of the many gapping Brazilians are an accurate depiction of reality: one walks away without words from such a spectacle.

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Thank you, Maggie — I mean — Dilma! The Workers’ Party of Brazil Has Gone Full Thatcher!

Credit: Agencia Brasil

Credit: Agencia Brasil

(by: Daniel Gutiérrez)

The past week in Brazil has fully revealed the face of the country’s Worker’s Party (PT). If there’s any wonder as to which side of the fence the PT is on, it surely isn’t on the side of the workers. Continue reading

This magazine is not just for reading!

Together with FECH – the Student Federation of Universidad de Chile, we have created an International Committee in Solidarity with Chile, to collect funds and send solidarity from abroad to the working class families in Chile, struggling to stay safe and rebuild their lives in Valparaiso and Iquique, after the fire that is still burning in the former and the earthquakes that shook the latter two weeks ago.

Please share this with all your contacts in Chile and abroad that may want to contribute with money to this campaign.

Valparaiso and Iquique need you!


On Trial: Twenty Years of Economic Terrorism and Border Militarization

(By: Daniel Gutiérrez)

Twenty years ago, the United States enacted two programs nearly simultaneously that completely changed the every day life of many individuals: NAFTA and Operation Gatekeeper. The former lead to massive migration patterns that economically coerced people to move north and the latter was a large step in the militarization of the US-Mexico border. Current immigration debates are limited in scope, as they attempt to solve “the immigration problem” by merely allowing people in and completely ignoring the root reasons of migration. Continue reading