Daniel Gutiérrez is a co-editor at Conjuncture. His writings usually revolve around actually existing neoliberalism, social movements, and borders. He is currently co-constructing an oral history of everyday life in Tijuana for his MA in Latin American Studies at UC San Diego. He has also contributed to the San Diego Free Press, the San Diego Reader, and Jacobin Magazine. He is also a head steward at UAW Local 2865.

Nicholas García is a co-editor at Conjuncture.  He received B.A.s in Sociocultural Anthropology and History from UC San Diego. His writing focuses on the analysis of neoliberal projects and culture, social movements, and history. He is currently a community organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Victor Hertzfeld is a co-editor at Conjuncture. In his writing he attempts to describe the development (and devolution) of social movements and political systems in the context of economic and social structures and events. He is an attorney, practicing employment and labor law.

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