“A Strike, That No One Recognizes Is Per Definition Not a Strike”*

(By conjuncture magazine)

*“Ein Streik, den niemand spürt, ist eben kein Streik.” C. Heinrich, ARD Berlin

At various places in the US, the invitation or even the demand to unionize becomes more and more common. Well visited Labor Notes Conferences, the Fight for 15, the IWW at San Francisco’s Whole Foods Markets — after decades of attacks on workers rights, mendacious campaigns under the label of “right to work“ and an unshakable belief in the free market — eventually there seems to be a shift in society, a change in the understanding of workers rights and a growing wish to take back the workspace, collectively. Continue reading

Local Struggles Have Global Contexts – How Many People Died For Your Shirt? Towards a Global Unionism

(By: Antje Dieterich)

One year ago, on April 24th, 2013, more than 1,000 people died during the collapse of the factory “Rana Plaza” in Bangladesh. The clothes that were made in the factory were delivered to Germany, to the US, to Mexico, to France —in short words, to every country in the world were you can get your shirts from Benetton, Mango, C&A, Adler and the discounter KiK. Continue reading